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Ever have a gut feeling and wish you would
have listened? Want to trust your instincts more?
If you're ready to build the intuition skills you 
already have, then this class is for you!   

Two Part Class:                                  
April 8th & May 6th 2023             
10am - 3pm    
Cost: $350

Does your child experience psychic phenomenon such as seeing someone you do not, like an imaginary friend or ghosts?

Does your child have an "inner knowing" of things around them even with strangers or in unfamiliar places?

Does your child experience noises or voices, flashes of light or other unexplainable occurrences?

Does your child have a difficult time fitting in with peers, because they are highly sensitive or feel different?

For parents, learning that your child may have intuitive gifts can be a frightening experience.  Children who exhibit intuitive traits may not be aware of what is happening or may be scared or confused themselves.
In order to help your child what is happening and feel at peace with their new found gifts, we have put together a unique program to help you and your gifted child/children.

Your child will meet others like themselves, develop and discover their intuitive senses, learn and share how to deal with etheric world experiences and their own gifts.

August 9th & 10th
9:00am - 3:00pm
Cost: $350

For more information

This class is excellent for anyone truly interested in auras and exploring their own talents.  This class will help you understand and see auras and learn how to interpret them.

Part 1 - Understanding & Seeing Aura
Part 2 - Interpreting The Auras

Oct. 14th & November 11th
      10:00am -3:00pm
Cost: $350.00