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Jack Keller is a spiritual medium who has helped many clients heal through his astonishing spiritual gifts. Jack receives information from Spirit in many ways. His gifts as a Medium include: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairgustance and Clairsentience. He is also a Medical Intuitive, Aura & Chakra Reader, Healer, Palm Reader and Animal Communicator.

Gifted since youth, Jack descends from a lineage of psychics and mediums which includes his father and great-grandfather.  In 2005, Jack was visited by his deceased sister, who began to provide guidance regarding his personal life, relationships and his mission in life. Jack was told that he would be taught about his gifts by his Spirit Guides; that they would help him understand his abilities, and teach him how to develop them into powerful tools.  Jack poured himself into his gifts and began to fine-tune his intuitive abilities. He later found that he was an Indigo child.  This has lead Jack to many young Indigo and Crystal children today.  He holds personal time with these children and helps them understand who they are, why they are here and how to use their gifts. His Guides continue to teach him, frequently bringing forth new gifts for him to use to help others.

Jack has conducted countless personal readings, reuniting clients with their loved ones who have crossed over.  He predicts highly probable outcomes for those seeking guidance about their future. As a Medical Intuitive, he views the chakras and layers of the aura and interprets them.  He can view all organs of the body down to their molecular structure.  He sees all disease, emotional/physical inflammation, surgeries/scars, blockages and allergies. He is able to help facilitate healing these issues with his hands and with tones that are sung into the chakras. 

Jack has an amazing gift of communicating with all animals, domestic and wild. From healing animals in traumatic situations to training your new pets, the “Dog Whisperer” has nothing on him.
Jack has used his expertise to create spiritual development workshops, and pioneer new meditations and healing techniques. He is also a licensed Minister. Jack conducts readings with  soft spirit and compassion, always leaving you with feelings of hope, peace, and love, and feeling gently guided in new directions with new perspectives.

"My calling is to evolve spiritually and help others on their spiritual path by communicating with Spirit and receiving guidance from higher realms".